Welcome to Top Bins Talk

Saturday morning, 7:30 AM. After a long hard week of school, work, or any other worldly activity that requires early starts, you finally have your chance to sleep in.

Good one.

For some, an early Saturday morning wake-up represents the best time of the week- the start of the next Premier League match day. The opportunity to take one’s mind off all the distractions of life and focus on what really matters- the football.

For us, as fulfilling as these action-packed Saturday mornings are, they just aren’t quite enough. When it’s not on, we are talking about it. When we aren’t talking about it, we are playing it. When we aren’t playing it, we are FIFAing it. We live, sleep, eat and breathe football.

The best part about this is that we know this addiction is shared by so many others. There exists a gargantuan group of people who also see football as far more than just a game. So, what better way to exercise this addiction then to share it with others. Our blog and podcast allows us to discuss and dispute the beautiful game with not only ourselves, but the wider world of football.

This is Max, Brice, and Phil and this is…

Top Bins Talk.

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