What Happened to Ultimate Difficulty???

So here I am, in my underwear at 3AM, 4 hours deep into my FIFA session. I just got my Road to Glory side MK Dons to the Championship in one season, a decent achievement in my eyes. I’ve got some players arriving on pre-contract that look decent and just made some new investments in promising youngsters. My first two games in the league: victories against Leeds (1-0) and Burnley (2-0). Needless to say, I’m fuckin’ feeling myself. I’ll be in the Prem in no time. Easy. Next up: Blackpool at home… The team we beat twice last season were promoted alongside us this season. 

What am I thinking? I might bump the difficulty up to Ultimate. Hey, I heard they made it difficult, but it can’t be that bad. Blackpool are shit, after all… a few moments later I’m down fucking 3-0 to fucking Blackpool after 7 in-game minutes. Nope. Forfeit. Restart Xbox. Never again. 

This story has been told by multiple people I know… who all have the same reaction: back to Legendary. So what did EA do? Surely they must realize the new Ultimate mode feels like your opponent has the sliders all the way up. Am I just shit at the game, and tooting my own horn whenever I do anything positive in career mode?

For now, I’m going to keep it on Legendary until FIFA do something about it. I feel good about my squad for the Championship season.

Look out for future posts on squad updates and pre-contract shortlists.

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