From The Fans- Manchester United

Top Bins Talk is excited to announce our new column “From The Fans,” a dialogue between ourselves and the most passionate of supporters from teams around the globe. We ask them a whole host of questions regarding the current state of their side, their favorite memories as a fan, and their hopes for the future of their team.

We are joined here by Manchester United fan Jamie, who you can find on twitter @Amonmrk. Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been supporting Manchester United and what is your best memory as a fan? How and why did you become a fan of United?

Hi, my name is Jamie and I have been supporting Manchester United since 2007. My best memory was winning the Champions League in 2008, beating Chelsea in the final. I became a United fan after watching them on TV and seeing the red shirts, the badge, and players like Ronaldo in the team. That all really appealed to me.

How would you rate this current season for United from 1-10 and why?

I would give this season a 7/10. It’s been a poor season results and point wise, but we let a lot of players go and brought in some younger players, and they’ve all fitted into the team well. We have seen players such as Fred, who were very poor previously, step up and show us the type of player they are capable of being. Ole has been excellent in the big games, and he has got the guys to look like they really care about playing for the club. I’d just like him to be a bit more adaptable. His in-game management is probably his weakest point.

Who does your club need to sign this summer? Who is your dream signing?

Our club needs to sign a new right winger (we haven’t really had a proper one for years) and a new holding midfielder because Matic’s legs are going. My dream signing, if I had to pick just one, is Jadon Sancho all day long.

What is your favorite match you’ve been to (or watched)?

My favorite match I have watched is a tough one. The Champions League final vs Chelsea is pretty high up there. But SAF’s last game was pretty emotional too. You’ve also got the 8-2 win over Arsenal which was just insane, a truly unforgettable match.

Who is your dream manager? Are you satisfied with the job that Ole Gunnar Solskjær has done?

My dream manager would be Antonio Conte. I just love his enthusiasm and how he always wins wherever he goes.

How do I think the current manager has done? I think his recruitment and man-management have been an improvement on his predecessor, but like I previously touched on, he can be guilty of being tactically naive from time-to-time. He has also played players through injuries which has been a bit frustrating.

What is your ideal starting XI?

My ideal lineup would be a 442 diamond:

De Gea

AWB Bailly Maguire Shaw


Fred Pogba


Rashford Martial

Who are United’s most exciting youngsters?

As most United fans would agree, Greenwood is our best youngster comfortably and I believe he’ll be a star. His finishing ability and technique is so unique and accurate for someone of his age. He’s already proved he can be a clinical finisher by getting goals from all kinds of angles and positions. He’s shown he doesn’t need many chances to score.

In your eyes, who is United’s fiercest rival and why?

I think Liverpool is our fiercest rival because of our history with them, and the success both teams have had throughout our respective histories. The Manchester Derby is always intense because of the incentive for the city’s bragging rights, but the Liverpool rivalry pips it for me.

Who is a player from your rival that you secretly admire and wish you had in your team?

I’d love to have Andrew Robertson from Liverpool. The sheer energy and desire in him and how complete he is both in attack and in defense makes him such a dangerous and valuable player. Plus he’s a bit of a prick! You always need that, god knows we had Keano for how many years!

Where do you see United in five years? What do you believe your clubs’ short/long term goals should be?

In five years I hope we are back competing for titles and if everything is done right and goes our way, hopefully we will have won the league at least once by then.

Short term I would like us to rediscover that winning mentality and get some more trophies under our belt. This squad is capable of winning things, it’s just about finding the right balance.

Long term I hope we keep recruiting the right players so our squad is set up for several seasons.

Who is the most underrated/overrated player on your team?

This may shock some United fans, but I think our most underrated player is Nemanja Matic and our most overrated player is Marcus Rashford.

I think Matic is underrated because I don’t think a lot our fans can necessarily see the quality he brings to the balance of the team and the midfield in general. A lot of people frequently called for him to be replaced and I feel that, this season, he’s been proving people wrong. I think Rashford is overrated because – whilst his goalscoring record this season has been impressive – I just feel he can do more to contribute to games on the whole on a consistent basis, rather than just sort of being there.

If you could spend an hour with one player or coach (past/present), who would it be? And what would you ask them?

I would love to spend an hour with Sir Alex Ferguson, just to ask him about his legacy and what he thinks of the state of the club today. I think his answers would be really interesting.

Which player from your team do you think would survive the longest on a deserted island?

I could see Juan Mata surviving on a desert island! He seems to be a very intelligent person.

How do you think the current season should be resolved? Should it be voided, resumed once the pandemic is over, or completed behind closed doors?

I think they should try to complete it if it is still possible. If all options are exhausted, then I think the season should be finished but not made null and void, that just seems unethical and unfair. Liverpool get the title (unfortunately), they go off last season for European spots, and no teams are relegated. Then, promote West Brom and Leeds and have a 22 team league next season!

What have you been doing during this quarantine?

Lots of FIFA and lots of Netflix!

And finally, what are your predictions for next season’s Premier League?

Champions: Liverpool

Top 4: City, United, Spurs

Relegation: Bournemouth, Southampton, Villa

Surprise team: Leeds if they get promotion

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