Top (Bins) Tweets of the Week: Volume 1

What a week it’s been in football and the world in general. In times like these we’re seeing social distancing, travel restrictions, ransacked grocery stores … and also some world-class content and banter. Without football to entertain twitter has been doing its part. Obviously the virus is to be taken seriously and our thoughts go out to all of those affected. Humor rallies us together and helps us get through the difficult times. These tweets were struck top bins this week:

Usually we would disagree, but Gazza’s spot on with this one. Imagine the scenes if Liverpool were stripped of the title though…

Joel Embiid addressing the second-most important world issue currently affecting us. Seriously though. We’re massive career mode fans and it drives us insane that Fifa hasn’t done more to improve and evolve the game mode more over the last 5-10 years. Not only is the updated ultimate difficulty OP, but I still cant change my kit or upgrade my stadium from year to year!

Researchers in 2013 were almost as off as Chelsea was. My Egyptian King (in FPL).

The virus has no chance on a rainy Tuesday night at Turf Moor. Sean Dyche will absolutely twat you bossman.

High demand means price rises in FPL.

Pogba’s doing his part.

This is when you know you’re in trouble.


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